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RICE – Math Problem Solving Strategy

We had quite a bit of Common Core Math Standards training this summer, and a couple of our fourth grade teachers brought this RICE problem-solving strategy back with them.  Our marvelous/wonderful/talented math instructional coach took the idea and created a PowerPoint that has really helped us show our third grade kids how to use this strategy for solving math problems.  Check it out!

Take it one step further and use this neat little trick they brought back, too.  Take a piece of paper and fold it into fourths.  Then, take the inside corner of the paper and fold it in just a bit.  Like this:

Unfold the whole thing, and you have a piece of paper divided into fourths with a diamond in the middle.  See?

Use each of the big sections to apply each component of the RICE strategy (one for restate, one for illustrate, etc.), and then put the final solution in the middle diamond!

One Response to “RICE – Math Problem Solving Strategy”

  • Emily:

    I am using this also in first grade! I’ve tweeted it for us and we Read (together), Illustrate, Calculate, and Explain (verbally). After Christmas, I hope to have them explaining by writing. Hope this helps them when they take that CRT test in 3rd!