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TBA Open House Week – Classroom Pictures


Welcome to my 2012-2013 classroom!  This is the view looking in from the door.


This is the view looking in from the door, straight ahead.  Cafe menu’s front and center!


This is just to the right of the door.  Boggle, Add It Up (coming soon), and filing. My No Name board and pencil sharpener are right there, too.  Each kiddo has a locker tag that they update with the latest title that they’re reading.  On the cabinets above, I have eight main themes of fiction, and as we read books in class we write the title on an index card and classify it according to the theme.  By the end of the year, the cabinets are full!


Computers, and a comfy chair for reading.  You can also see more of our fiction themes.


The right hand side of my library.  I have the kids put their books in the basket so I can reshelve – otherwise, they’d never get in the right spot!


The left side of my library, with another comfy spot for reading.  This is also my carpet area, where we meet for reading minilessons and make anchor charts.  We add “big” words to our tree, too, to expand vocabulary.


Another shot of our carpet area.


My teaching cart – this is where I plot my lesson plan book, copies, and teacher’s manuals throughout the day.  Miscellaneous junk items are in the black basket.


My small group area/teacher desk.  And my daughter’s thumb.  She was dying to get in the picture.  Sigh.


I love this shelving unit I have under my SMARTBoard.  It holds extra dictionaries, my SRA kit, and guided math stuff.


Supply central.  This is where the kids get sharpened pencils, erasers, paper, and morning work.  Math manipulatives are stored in the bins underneath (Notice the place value dice stuck in the left one?  Nice.)  The black crates are where the kids file away their graded papers after they’ve been signed.


 Mountain Language and Mountain Math (LOVE) and anchor charts for reading strategies waiting to be made.


 Dry erase/magnetic boards under the window have the kids in groups for Guided Math.  I can put specific instructions in their pockets, if I need to.


One group.  I did like Jessica over at Dandelions and Dragonflies and put their book boxes, art boxes, dictionaries, and other supplies in a bookcase at each group.  I love it!


And another group.


Our data door and cubbies.


One more shot of the room – our home away from home.

Thanks for dropping by!

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